Integrity: Who Knows? Who Cares?

Integrity, do you have it? Or do you like so many claim at their own connivence.

Like the philosophical riddle, “If a tree falls in the forrest, does it make a sound?”, does it really matter if nobody is around to judge your integrity? I would suggest that depends on the type of individual you are. If you’re the self discipline type that will maintain character regardless of any situation, or whether or not you are simply a Camellia that changes colour depending on your environment.

I recently had my own integrity questioned with an attempt to purchase works online from a favourite author/traveller/fellow entrepreneur Colin Wright. I’ve followed Colin for some time, ever since his travels lead him downunder during one of his four month international hiatuses. A very smart, conscious and savvy young guy who had enough self-belief and courage to embark on the non-traditional, therefore scorned path of a self-employed vagabond. I could ramble on about his exploits, but it simply would do the guy no justice, so I will simply suggest you checkout Colin’s story.

Back to the question of my integrity… Colin recently released his latest works ‘My Exile Lifestyle’ that he offered online at a modest $2.99, as part of a commercial experiment to see whether or not such a price point would attract a greater audience than his previous release Networking Awesomely at a then asking price of $20, now a $0.99 BARGIN! (For the record I brought AND paid for this great piece of work at the time of its original release). During my attempted purchase of his latest offerings the Paypal checkout would not allow me to complete the transaction with the use of my debit card, suggesting I use a Paypal account. In the end I cancelled the process after several attempts only to receive a FREE copy?

Now would you have attempted to pay for what you have received free?  Yeah yeah I can hear you all claiming moral high ground, but would you really?

This situation I’m sure many of you have encountered tests our integrity, more so when the transaction is made from the anonymity that the internet presents. How many attempts to make the nominal fee of $2.99 would you make, or would you dismiss it as a one of life’s perks? And there beckons the question, does it really matter? After all the modest price asked for items like Colin Wright’sMy Exile Lifestyle, presents little financial loss from such looting. But what if everyone blatantly stole your work, not exactly the path to becoming the next online mogul. I would suggest the average person isn’t so unscrupulous and that remuneration could be best rewarded upon the value that is seen by the recipient.

Such an approach has been undertaken as a marketing approach by restaurateurs, whereby patrons are asked to offer payment based upon their personal review and appreciation of the meal and service provided. Perhaps this approach would work best in a traditional ‘consumer-vendor’ exchange where both parties are present with a social conscious. With the obvious absence of such a presence in the online-sphere the possibility of ‘looters’ could be a common occurrence, maybe, maybe not?

For the record I had planned to submit a review and make full payment once I had completed my reading, but the bug of procrastination had dawned its ugly head and I’ve since paid for my freebie – thanks Colin.

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“A wise person can learn from their experiences, but a wiser person can learn from the experiences of others.”


2 thoughts on “Integrity: Who Knows? Who Cares?

  1. ( Procrastination ) Something for you to work on eh?

    We would like to think that the dollor value would not change our degree of Integrity?

    • Procrastination should never be mistaken for timing, as the best laid plans can fail or succeed based on the execution of timing.

      Dollar value should never determine integrity, but once again integrity should never be mistaken for common sense.

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