Reviews Are Like Maps

I’m not big on New Year resolutions, although I’m all about self improvement.  I know it sounds like a contradiction of terms, however I say why wait to act upon self improvements?

As we reach the midway point of the year 2012, I realise I’ve preoccupied myself on a single focus at the expensive of maintaining a number of established routines, one being a daily journal. This task was started with the simply goal of maintaining my writing skills enhanced by the time spent recently studying at University. I allow thirty minutes at the end of the day to freely format daily thoughts on personal events in a condensed 500 worded entry. This exercise has definitely help maintain my writing ability but it also provides me with an personal insight to how I’ve approached a number of situations, somewhat like taking a step back and with hindsight enabled me to constructively critic the process if the desired result was not achieved.

I can liken my journal entries to drawing a map. Identifying pathways that lead to destinations of choice. That said it is only by reviewing these maps that we can endevaour to retain pathways to memory, but when all else fails you still have the map.

My question is would you begin a new journey without knowing where you’re want go? Then would you simply jump in the car and just start driving? The answer is no. We first identify where we want to go, then secondly we establish which route we’re going to take – we just don’t do it blind and run the risk of never arriving?

See you on the other side.

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“A wise person can learn from their experiences, but a wiser person can learn from the experiences of others.”


2 thoughts on “Reviews Are Like Maps

  1. So true, But your destination may change so if you start a journey and you decide to chose another direction mid way, make sure that it is in the general direction that you are going because if it is in the opposite direction you are fucked.

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